Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lisa Byers’ QOV Sew-In

The Quilts of Valor Foundation’s Sew-In Day was a great success today up in Trinity, FL!  The facility where we met was great and we had lots of room – a special Thank-You to the Champion’s Club for allowing us to use their meeting room for this event.

Lisa supplied great fabrics and had many pre-cut and pre-marked for 1/2 square triangle sewing right off the bat.  She did a great job preparing - lots of work involved there!  The pattern was a Carpenter's Star design that Lisa modified to use center panels that she had gotten from Northcott and an on-line source (flags, eagles, etc). 

Unfortunately, your webmaster fell down on the job taking pictures, because she was having fun sewing, but here are two of the finished tops (before ironing):

The group actually finished 4 complete tops and a 1/2 top that Lisa will finish - Lisa intends to quilt them.  This link might work to take you to the QOVF Facebook page for the first one that Marilyn posted:

The ladies attending came from various locales and with varied backgrounds – some QOV related, some not.  Several of the attendees had sons/relatives in Afghanistan.   Mary S., Jadene and I were there from the CT Quilters (Mary is a good friend of Lisa's and helped her prepare – thank you, too, Mary!).  Several said they heard about it from the Feather Princess’ Guild (they allowed Lisa to use their email list).  Several heard from the post Lisa made to the QOVF Facebook page.  Marilyn came all of the way from Clermont since she couldn't find anything going on in the Orlando area.  She is active in a QOV group in Connecticut and was a big help to Lisa during the Sew-In in keeping people productive (thank you, too, Marilyn!).

We expect that this is now going to be an annual event for the Quilts of Valor Foundation, so go ahead and Save the Date for the first Saturday in February in 2015!  

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