Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recap of Feb Meetings – Part 2

Quilter’s know the generosity of other quilters – they give of their time, expertise and materials.  But Quilts of Valor quilters are blessed to know that they are embraced by the greater community, both locally and globally!

At our meeting on Friday, we were so pleased to hear this story from Maria, one of our own CT Quilters who is also a Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines:
            I was on a flight and sharing the story of Quilts of Valor and the quilts for the soldiers with a co-worker, when she pulled out a very generous cash donation for our Group!  I was so surprised.

We were stunned and so very thankful to receive the large donation from Charly, the Purser on Maria’s flight that day.  We were able to purchase yards and yards (and did I mention more yards?) of large pieces of fabric for much-needed quilt backs and blocks for our quilts.  Just check out how fat these big bundles are.  Charly, at least 5 soldiers will be wrapped and snuggled in the quilts we make from your donation.  Thank you so much!

And now for our local contributions:
Donna, a CT Quilter, made all of these pillowcase presentation packages – a big help since our stack was running low.  Your serger must have been smokin'.  Thank you, Donna!

Another CT Quilter, Jill, was able to bring in some very excellent fabric donations (also in large pieces) just at the right time.  We had tops stacked up that needed backs and this very large donation of fabric is just what we needed – these are enough for backs and strips for blocks and will go a long way towards making comforting Quilts of Valor.  Thank you so much, Jill, for keeping the QOV Group in mind when you were foraging on-line for fabric!

And a small group of 7 ladies in a nearby community selected us to be the recipient of their patriotic quilts.  Just look at these wonderful tops that two of the ladies, Nancy and Judy, brought in for donation!  Definitely a nice design – perfect for Quilts of Valor.  Just when you think it’s business-as-usual something magical happens and you know that our local and global communities care about our service personnel.  Thank you so much, ladies!

Another donation from Jill at Monday’s meeting, was this top based on the original Waving Old Glory pattern by Toby Lishchko.  Jill put in a sprinkle of the appliqué stars in the plain blocks that make this top sparkle!

And to finish off today’s post, here are two tops that were brought in that used up a bunch of the 4-patches leftover from our old design.
Debbie's patches

Kathy's patches

More on the productivity of the QOV members in tomorrow’s post – watch for Part 3 of the Meeting Recap posts!  And if you missed Part 1 – it is here: http://tinyurl.com/k4kwjhs

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