Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meeting Recap – July 2014

Lots was accomplished at the July meetings of the CT Quilters QOV Group.

This top was turned in by Debbie:

Isn’t that flag in the center cute?!

And this is another top by Ginger for her personal challenge to make a Quilt of Valor top each month in 2014 for a VietNam veteran in memory of her husband Roger.  This is a Disappearing 9-Patch design:

And these quilts were quilted by our Volunteer quilters.  First up are the ones completed by Sandy this month:

It's hard to tell but those are eagles!

And one quilted by Kathy:

Two that Virginia quilted:

Check out the flag quilting!

And a huge amount done by Pat B - thank you so very much, Pat!
commissioned by Sharon

And these are the various activities that the ladies took part in during the two meetings:

what a great idea for all of the bindings completed - wound around archive boards

Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Award Presentations at Aston Gardens

On Tuesday July 15th during the monthly meeting of the Aston Gardens Veterans Club two additional Quilts of Valor were presented:

(1) to retired Platoon Sergeant Charles W.
and (2) to Alan H., a retired Air Force Pilot.
The CT Quilters QOV Group attended the May 2014 meeting (see earlier post) where we had presented numerous QOV quilts to members of the Veterans Club and to our own Linda Fentriss – QOVF Coordinator for Florida.  Alan and Charles were unable to attend at that time, so their awards were made during the July meeting.   In addition, a QOV was presented to US Army Colonel Woodrow W. (Retired),  who is a driver at Aston Gardens.  The veterans group at Aston Gardens has thanked us for the recognition of their service and expressed their honor in receiving these quilts.  We have received various monetary donations from them and thank them for their support of our work.

At the meeting I was intrigued by the program presented by Retired Captain William Whaley – United Stated Coast Guard.  The program concerned a major maritime disaster that occurred at 12:42 am on June 2, 1973 in the New York Harbor.  Captain Whaley at the time of the accident was a Commander stationed in Texas and is the current President of the Aston Gardens Veterans Club.  At the time of this maritime disaster he was a major incident investigator.  He was sent from his base in Texas to assist in the investigation.  Apparently when major maritime accidents happen local USCG investigators do not handle the incident.  Later in his career this will be the case when he is Head of Port for Tampa when the MS Summit Venture hit the Skyway Bridge in May 1980 and non-local investigators from the US Coast Guard were brought in.

The story of the 1973 Maritime Disaster is as follows:

During an early June morning in 1973 an outbound cargo ship the SS C. V. Sea Witch of American registry incurred a loss of steering ability.  The ship was speeding at 13+ knots out of the harbor when the incident occurred.  As steering capabilities were lost, the ship left the channel and collided with a Belgian registered tank ship the SS Esso Brussels, which lay at anchor.

The bow of the Sea Witch breached three of the cargo tanks filled with Nigerian crude oil.  For over an hour a massive fire laid siege to both ships, which were entangled.  Damage to both ships was massive and loss of life catastrophic.  On the Esso Brussels the death toll included 10 crew members and the Master.  The Master of the Sea Witch also died on board.

Before the collision the pilot of the Sea Witch alerted the Esso Brussels by whistle blasts and additionally tried full astern engine maneuverability and to drop anchor on the port side to stop the ship, all to no avail.

The oil from the breach of the Esso Brussels leached out to the surface, which then caught fire.  Those of you familiar with this area of New York will know of the Verrazanio-Narrows Bridge.  The two locked ships drifted under the bridge causing minor fire damage to the underside.

Some of the crew members of the Sea Witch jumped overboard and were rescued by local boats.  Others stayed on board moving from space to space as the smoke and flames followed them.  At approximately 1:45 am, thirty one (31) persons on board were rescued.  The vessels were separated by 6:30 am.  The Sea Witch listed and all efforts were made to keep it from capsizing.  Container fires on board continued for over two weeks.  After all fire burned out two more victims were found.

The investigation of this major collision revealed that certain container structures could not withstand the intense fire.  This was something the industry would study for future construction.

The loss of steering was a result of a small part of the steering mechanism that had loosened and fell out. The part was no longer than 3/16 of an inch.  This type of steering system on other ships was investigated as a result of this failure.  Speed was also considered to be an additional factor in the collision.

Many other recommendations and actions were a result of this incident. The current use of lights attached to life preservers is a result of this study.

This article was written to give the reader(s) of this Blog some insight into the careers some of our veterans have had in our Military.  This is just one story among thousands.  But it was a story connected to one of our QOV recipients here in the Tampa Bay area.

Thank you,
Pat N.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just a Reminder …
Our Quilts of Valor Group will be meeting TOMORROW,
Friday, July 18th AND Monday, July 21st

From 10:00 – 4:00
At Crafty Threads Quilt Shop!

Bring a lunch/snack or visit a local
restaurant when we take a mid-day break.

See this post: 

Interesting Facts :
Did you know our newest member is Susan Key!
Did you know that we have 47 members on our Roster!  Of these 44 have email addresses; 3 do not!
Did you know that 8 of our members longarm the majority of our quilts!
Did you know that we awarded 25 quilts in 2012!
Did you know that we awarded 37 quilts in 2013!
Did you know that as of July 15th we have awarded 49 quilts so far, we have an additional 3 that Loretta is awarding!
Did you know that our awards so far this year is over a 100% increase of what we awarded in 2012!
Did you know my records show 6 birthdays in July to celebrate at our meetings!
Did you know that we have contacted and done all the paperwork required by the QOVF showing our 111 quilts awarded so far! ( I know cause I have it all on file)
Did you know that Debbie's leadership this year has resulted in new patterns, donations, and meeting twice a month!
Did you know how many man hours goes into creating our Blog each month - I don't and I'm afraid to ask Kathy!
Did you know that Sharon maintains a log of our longarmers!
Did you know that we received donations from the men at Aston Gardens Veterans Club!
Did you know that Diana is the person to see with donations of fabric and materials to work with!
Did you know that Debbie came up with a block of the month pattern for us to work on to make some interesting quilts!
Did you know that a lot of our members use their stash to make QOVs and bring them in!
Did you know that QOV is dear to Barb's heart being a veteran!
Did you know that Linda Fentriss is not only the State of Florida Rep for QOVF but a Navy veteran!  We awarded her a quilt in May!
Did you know that in addition to the Blog Kathy takes most of our pictures!
Did you know that one of our Longarmers Patricia Barrett's husband is now an officer of the QOVF!
Did you know that Elizabeth and Alex are always ready to help when needed at CT, also Ron!
Did you know that I hope you look at the Blog often!
Did you know if you don't have a nametag its my fault so let me know and I'll make one!
Did you know that Debbie sent you a meeting announcement this week and it talked about the Importance of Women's Friendships!
Did you know I am finishing my facts for now!
See ya at a meeting,
Pat Neville

Monday, July 14, 2014

July Meeting Notice

July Meeting Dates –
Friday, July 18th and Monday, July 21st

You are welcome to attend one or both meetings of our
Quilts of Valor group and stay the entire time or join us
anytime between 10 – 4:00 on meeting days.

12330 Racetrack Rd, Tampa
From 10:00 – 4:00

You do not need to sign up to attend!

We will be putting some kits together and working
 on the Block of the Month Sampler.
 There will also be some hand sewing to be done

Mark Your Calendar
July Meeting Dates –
Friday, July 18th and Monday, July 21st

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Special Award

A member of the CT Quilters QOV Group, Diana H., was able to award this special Quilt of Valor to US Army Master Sergeant (Retired) Joe G. in May, 2014.  Joe had admired this pattern in one of Diana’s quilt magazines and Diana secretly tackled this challenging project.

Even Joe’s Quilt Inspector was impressed with the work that went into this quilt!  It’s just beautiful, Diana, and a wonderful tribute to Joe for his service

Thank you, Joe, for giving so much of your
time and talents in service to our Country. 
We greatly appreciate it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Liberty Bell

It was on July 8th in 1776 that the Liberty Bell rang to
summon everyone to hear the reading
of the Declaration of Independence. 
Do you remember learning about the Liberty Bell – maybe in 4th or 5th grade?  When we think back on those lessons, it’s usually the famous crack that we recall.  The original bell, destined for the Pennsylvania State House, was made by John Pass and John Stow in England and it cracked soon after it arrived in America in 1751.  A second bell was cast in 1753 using metal from the first and it rang many times for public pronouncements.  The last time it was rung was in 1846 for a celebration of George Washington’s birthday, but by that time another thin crack had appeared that was affecting its sound.

The bell weighs about 2000 pounds and is made primarily of copper and tin.  It now hangs from what is believed to be its original yoke of American Slippery Elm.

The inscription includes the names of the makers and a Bible verse:

“Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof”
 (Leviticus 25:10)

It was not actually referred to as the “Liberty Bell” until the 1830s when a group trying to outlaw slavery adopted it as a symbol for their cause.  In the late 1800s, the Liberty Bell traveled around the Nation to be exhibited and help heal the divisions of the War Between the States.  It now resides in Independence Hall (in the background of the above photo) in Philadelphia, PA where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were signed.

Today, let us remember and thank the personnel
of the Armed Forces that continue to fight
for our liberties and Let Freedom Ring!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Meeting Recap

Just a quick recap of one of the June meetings:

Some donations of cotton partial flag blocks for a quilt top and nylon flag fabric (possibly for a banner and display tablecloth):

A mystery quilt top made by Debbie:

Quilts quilted:




And last, but never least, the ladies hard at work!