Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meeting Recap – August 2014

It’s always a long, hot summer down here in Florida, but the ladies who work on Quilts of Valor keep right on crankin’ out those quilts!  It was a real bonanza at the meeting this month at the CT Quilters QOV Group.

First up are the stacks and stacks of pillowcase presentation packages – aren’t these a wonderful variety?!  Thank you so much, ladies (and big hugs go out to Ginger and Gail).

And we thank Linda who has been embroidering various designs and colors of labels for our quilts:

Debbie worked up this wonderful top from the Summer Block of the Month Project:

We think that Joanne S brought in this cute top (please send me a note if I got that wrong…):

And Ginger has been finding some excellent patterns in her series of quilt tops for quilts that will go to Viet Nam veterans in memory of her husband Roger:

We just can’t write enough accolades for our volunteer quilters.  Sandy brought us this quilt that she quilted in variegated red/white/blue thread in a patriotic design:

And Pat B brought us back five quilts that she worked her quilting magic on:

What a treasure our quilters are to us!

Here are a few candid pix of the ladies this month:

Hope you can join us in September.
Always something inspirational going on
at our Quilts of Valor Group meetings!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More August QOV Awards

Loretta, a member of the CT Quilters QOV Group,
was able to award two very special Quilts of Valor this month.

One QOV was presented to LTC Laura B who has served in the US Army Reserve for over 22 years.  After earning her commission as a second lieutenant, she served in a variety of Military Intelligence units.  She served at the US Central Command in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, and currently serves with the US Corp of Engineers.
Loretta (L) with Laura (R)
The second QOV was presented to LTC Tyler B who has served over 30 years with the US Army.  He has served in numerous overseas assignments, including the Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and numerous deployments in Afghanistan.  He is currently posted to the Pentagon, Washington, DC.

We want to send our special THANK YOU for
your service to Laura and Tyler!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

All Awards are Special

Yes, every presentation of a Quilt of Valor is a special opportunity to connect with a serviceman or woman touched by war, but we were especially honored when Aaron W. and his family came to see our group of CT Quilters.  Aaron has recently arrived home from Germany having previously served a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the US Army.  It was his Nana, Donnae, that arranged with Linda Fentriss, the QOVF Regional Coordinator for Florida, to present Aaron with his Quilt of Valor during our monthly meeting – a real treat for us.

A lot of Aaron’s family was able to attend the presentation.  Shown below are Aaron with his wife (Laura), his mother (Sam), his uncle (Al) and his Nana (Donnae):

Aaron’s Nana is heavily involved with various groups that make Quilts of Valor – it is a cause that is dear to her heart (as is Aaron, of course!).  Her friend Pam pieced and quilted this quilt using a design called Over and Under.  Another friend Lou Ann made the pillowcase presentation package and Aaron’s Nana and Aunt Linnie made the label. 

Below is a picture of Aaron’s extended family – shown are Aaron and Laura with her relatives, including her mother and father from Colombia.  We were all so proud to be there when Aaron received this Quilt of Valor that was made and bestowed with so much love.

Aaron and Laura’s next posting will be to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Thank you so much for your service, Aaron, and for your support of him as a military wife, Laura.    We wish you every blessing in your future together.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Quilts Awarded in August 2014

One of the members of the CT Quilters Quilts of Valor Group, Joanne S, was able to award two quilts this month.

The first was awarded to James McC who served in the US Navy:
Joanne (L) and James (R)
And the second was awarded to Peter G, who served in the US Coast Guard:

Thank you, gentlemen, for your service!

Friday, August 8, 2014

August Meeting Notice


You are welcome to attend this meeting of our
Quilts of Valor group and stay the entire time or join us
anytime between 10 – 4:00 on meeting day.

12330 Racetrack Rd, Tampa
From 10:00 – 4:00

You do not need to sign up to attend!

We will be putting some kits together and working
 on the Summer Block of the Month Sampler Quilt.
 There will also be some hand sewing to be done

Mark Your Calendar
August Meeting Date –
ONE DAY ONLY - Friday, August 22th

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meeting Recap – July 2014

Lots was accomplished at the July meetings of the CT Quilters QOV Group.

This top was turned in by Debbie:

Isn’t that flag in the center cute?!

And this is another top by Ginger for her personal challenge to make a Quilt of Valor top each month in 2014 for a VietNam veteran in memory of her husband Roger.  This is a Take 5 quilt pattern:

And these quilts were quilted by our Volunteer quilters.  First up are the ones completed by Sandy this month:

It's hard to tell but those are eagles!

And one quilted by Kathy:

Two that Virginia quilted:

Check out the flag quilting!

And a huge amount done by Pat B - thank you so very much, Pat!
commissioned by Sharon

And these are the various activities that the ladies took part in during the two meetings:

what a great idea for all of the bindings completed - wound around archive boards