Sunday, February 17, 2013

Very Special Awards

The CT Quilters Quilts of Valor Group was very privileged to welcome some special guests at our last meeting.  Bettina, her two little boys, and her grandmother – Margaret, were here to receive two Quilts of Valor.  Margaret lives in nearby St. Petersburg, FL and Bettina was visiting her from Georgia so the timing was right for them to pick up the quilts so they can personally deliver them to the recipients:  Bettina’s husband and her father (Margaret’s son).
Bettina with her boys (3 mos and 3 1/2)
Holding the quilt destined for Robert L. is
Barb  Linares, owner of Crafty Threads Quilt
Shop (our Group's sponsor).  Barb quilted the
quilt for Robert - Barb is also a Veteran.
Bettina’s husband, Robert L., is currently serving with the US Marines.  Robert is now back in the US.  His last overseas posting was in Afghanistan where he finished his fifth combat tour of duty – he will soon be back in Georgia.  Bettina and her boys will be visiting Robert soon where she will award him with his Quilt of Valor on our behalf, along with our sincere gratitude for his willingness to serve and his great personal sacrifices for our Country.
The QOV presentation package pillowcase
has motorcycles - Robert's favorites!
Bettina and Robert's son is a
pro at folding the pillowcase!
Bettina’s family certainly has a history of service!  Her father, Robert C., is now retired from the US Army.  He also served in a combat zone - Iraq in 2004.  Robert C. now resides in Arkansas and Margaret will be visiting soon to award him with his Quilt of Valor and our deepest appreciation for his service.
Margaret and great grandson with
the quilt destined for Robert C. -
The family hails from Philadelphia and
the center panel reads "Old Glory" -
how perfect is that?!
We really enjoyed meeting Bettina and Margaret and the children.  Our group recognizes that there are many families like Bettina and Margaret’s that have given much so that we can continue to live in the Land of the Free. 
Bettina, Robert L. and the Boys
[Olan Mills' Family Photo]
We are honored that in our small way, we can provide a tangible “thank you”, and let them know of our gratitude for their dedication and patriotism.

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