Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Now that’s a phrase that makes you wonder – what in the world is a caboodle? 

And, when was the last time you used the word “caboodle” in everyday conversation?!  Well, it turns out that “kit” and “caboodle” have the same basic meanings:

                  A kit – a set of objects (like a toolkit) or what a soldier would put in his kit bag
                  A caboodle – an archaic term meaning a group or collection, mainly of  people
Today, we are showing a few Quilts of Valor that can help you use up the whole kit and caboodle of your red, white and blue scraps from your sewing rooms.
The wonderful framed 6-patch quilt above was donated by the Trinity Lutheran Quilters of Greely, Colorado.  Our thanks go out today to Alycia of Alycia Quilts for the inspiration of these great quilts on her frequent blog posts with Quilts of Valor ShowsAlycia works with No Soldier Forgotten, a Quilts of Valor group in Colorado.  The majority of their quilts go to the Wounded Warriors unit at Ft Carson, the Mountain Post, in Colorado Springs, but they also support VA Centers in Denver, Ft  Collins, Greely and Cheyenne, WY.
This Scrappy Rail Fence is featured in the Free Patterns section of Alycia’s blog.  Check it out at:

By the way, the saying “the whole kit and caboodle” first appeared in print in 1884, but parts of the saying go back much farther.  So, go search your scraps for R/W/B and come up with your own kit and caboodle Quilt of Valor!

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