Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recap of 01/18/13 Meeting

If you couldn’t make it to the meeting last Friday, we missed you!  And what a hustling, bustling meeting it was – we got so much accomplished.  We thank everyone that was able to be with us and help with our Quilts of Valor assembly line.  We had a great time.

¤  We were especially grateful for the fabulous response to our plea for fabric and batting donations.  We received lots of partial bolts of the perfect red, white and blue fabrics.  We also received lots of big fabric pieces that we can put to good use.  And last, but not at all least, we received a GIANT roll of batting!  Thank you each and every one for your very generous contributions - we really needed them and rest assured, our veterans will cherish what we make of them!
Debbie cutting off a quilt's worth of the batting
that Diana brought in - Thank you so much, Diana!
¤  We sent 10 quilt tops out to be longarm quilted.  Here is an amazing quilt show of some tops that came in on Friday for your viewing pleasure:
Jadeen's top

Debbie with Top #1

Debbie with Top #2

Debbie's Top #2 Detail

Debbie with Top #3

Debbie with Top #4

Debbie's Top #4 Detail (round flags - very cool!)

Debbie shared that some of her quilt
tops this month  (including the round flag idea)
came from this book
¤  We sewed borders to tops and we sewed blocks in rows for tops,

¤  We sewed lots of bindings to quilts and others sewed them down by hand,

¤  We cut lots and lots of blocks and borders,

¤  We made up block kits for volunteers to check out (volunteers are snapping these up – thank you very much!),

¤  We cut fabric and made up backings for the quilts going out to be longarmed,

¤  We ate up the goodies that Pat and Patricia brought in [editorial: who sneaked this bullet point in here?!]; apparently, we’ve never met a brownie, cookie or quick bread that we didn’t like - LOL.

¤  Some of our members took home QOV projects like blocks for tops and borders and/or bindings to sew together along with block kits, so we will already have out work cut out for us next meeting!  [editorial:  who wrote that bad pun anyway?! – quality control ladies, quality control…]

Our Show-and-Tell included an embroidered sweatshirt and purse – these items were made by a friend of Maria’s in North Carolina.  Don’t they represent the work of the Quilts of Valor Foundation well?

Maria also showed us an item that her NC guild has designed to hold quilting and other pins.  Maria fashioned hers into a necklace that includes pins from her travels for QOVF and from her husband’s service career.  Thanks, Maria, for the unique Show-and-Tell.

So if you had to miss this meeting, be sure to mark your calendar and join us next month.  It will be Feb 15th, from 10 – 2:00.  We’ll be looking for you!

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