Friday, December 7, 2012

Pearl Harbor Day

The Nation will pause today to remember those who gave their lives at the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7th 1941.  We are rapidly losing those veterans of WWII, oft described as “The Greatest Generation”, who were more than willing to fight for our freedoms.

Yesterday, a Presidential proclamation was issued calling for flags to fly at half-staff today and asking all Americans to observe the day of remembrance and honor military service members and veterans. 
Thank A Veteran For Your Freedom
By J. L. Sager

It was a veteran, not a reporter,
Who guaranteed freedom of the press.

It was a veteran, not a poet,
Who guaranteed freedom of speech.

It was a veteran, not a campus organizer,
Who guaranteed freedom to demonstrate.

It was a veteran, not a minister,
Who guaranteed freedom to worship.

It was a veteran, not a salesman,
Who guaranteed freedom to own property.

It was a veteran, not a travel agent,
Who guaranteed freedom to travel.

It was a veteran, not a politician,
Who guaranteed freedom to vote.

It is a veteran who salutes the Flag,
Risks it all for the Flag,
And who is buried beneath the Flag.

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