Sunday, October 14, 2012

Recap of 10/12/12 Meeting

Ever been to a Binding Blitz?!  We have a fabulous meeting last Friday and I’ll show you the results of the binding blitz in a minute.

We are so pleased that we are continuing to add members to our group.  Linda found out about Quilts of Valor through a Fons & Porter show and looked up our Under Our Wings shop (Crafty Threads) through the Quilts of Valor main site.  She and her friend Donna joined us as new members only to discover that they had instant friends here since they had also recently joined their local quilt guild … small world, isn’t it?  Welcome, Friends!

These were the wonderful quilts and tops brought and/or donated in this month
Debbie found a great unfinished top in her stash and added borders to bring it up to QOV-size to donate:
Patricia brought in her Persimmon Quilts QOV Mystery #20 top to donate:
AND Patricia also brought in her Persimmon Quilts QOV Mystery #24 top to donate:

The Persimmon Quilts Mysteries are generously posted by Le Ann Weaver.  Click on the link to visit her website – thank you so much, Le Ann for offering up these designs for our use.
If you look at older posts on this blog, you will see other Persimmon designs (check here for yet another one, #4, from Pat and here for a #24 from Kathy) – they make wonderful Quilts of Valor – always the perfect size.
Kathy’s donated top was adapted from a pattern by Tony Jacobson in the March/April 2012 issue of Fons and Porter’s magazine.  We wanted to use the pinwheels that are leftover from our snowball blocks, so we adapted the sizes of the stars to accommodate them – no fabric is ever wasted with our group!
Joanne & Dawn returned 4th of July tops - they had finished sewing together the rows at home and Jadene finished sewing on labels and bindings for two tops:
Debbie donated some excellent fabric again this month and a lady named Chris dropped by and donated an entire bolt of red/white/blue fabric.
Pat (left) accepting the fabric from Chris (right)
Be assured that all fabric donations are put to good use and we profusely thank our generous fabric donors – you make our Quilts of Valor possible!

Our Country Quilt is now a finished top.  We had the panel donated and Janet and Patricia came up with the perfect design to showcase it:
Patricia (left) with Janet (right)
During the meeting, we also
·          Made up 4 pillowcase presentation kits
·          Sorted fabrics into categories for their most efficient use
·          Pieced several backings
·          Cut blocks and made up the Kits that can be signed out to take home
·          Sewed bindings

Did you see that last entry?  Did I just say “sewed bindings”?  Yep, that was the Binding Blitz!  Since we use the scrappy 4th of July quilt by Bonnie Hunter (thank you again, Bonnie, for this excellent design that works well when multiple people are sewing blocks) as our “go to” quilt pattern, we have leftover fabric – and combined with some of the smaller donated pieces, we have plenty to make scrappy 2½ inch bindings.  Our members sewed and ironed miles and miles of bindings this month!

This box has multiple layers of the folded bindings – enough for over 25 quilts and some are still at the ironing stage, so you can see that the ladies were VERY productive!

extras to be ironed
 And last, but in no way least, we had a tasty lunch provided by Pat – soup, salad, crusty bread and crudités with dip … NOW aren’t you sorry you couldn’t be at this meeting?!!  Thank you so much, Pat.

Gotta stop taking pics when people are eating!
Sorry, didn’t want to make you feel badly about missing lunch - but mark your calendars now for next month – Friday, November 9th is the date.

Be sure to join us next time for the fun or pick up one of our “take home” kits at the Crafty Threads Quilt Shop to sew up and return it at your convenience to the Shop.  We missed some of our regular members and hope to have everyone join us next month - we want to help cover ALL of our combat Veterans!

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