Sunday, October 5, 2014

September Meeting Recap

The ladies in the CT Quilters QOV Group have again outdone themselves.  You’ll agree when you see the fabulous quilts below.

Jelly Roll Race by Diana

Tops put together by Ginger from blocks sent to the QOVF for the Block Challenge.  Barb brought these blocks back from the QOVF Leadership Conference she and Jadene attended in Tennessee.  The block design is called Hearth and Home and many are signed or have messages.  Quilters across the nation have stitched over 6,500 blocks so far!  The block drive continues until Dec 31st.  Block instructions are available at this link.

 Top made by Ginger in her series that she is making
 in honor of her husband, Roger, a Viet Nam veteran

Top made by Debbie (right) and quilted by Barb (left)

Mystery Top! 
  This fantastic design was dropped off at the shop and doesn’t have a label. 
  If you know the quilt piecer,
 please send us a comment and we will edit this post to give them credit…

And the ladies at work:

Our next meetings will be October 24th and 27th at 
All are welcome to join us – please come!

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