Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spotlight on VA Volunteer Services

The CT Quilters Quilts of Valor Group was created when Barb Linares, owner of Crafty Threads Quilt Shop in Tampa, agreed to be an “Under the Wings” Quilt Shop as part of the Quilts of Valor National Foundation - dedicated to recognizing our Veterans thru a presentation of a Patriotic Quilt for their service to our Country.

The majority of our first awards were to the James A Haley Veterans Hospital.  This was accomplished by working with Ronika Anderson, a Volunteer Services Coordinator at the hospital.
Ronika Anderson when she was Voluntary Specialist
 of the Volunteer Services Division of the Tampa VA
 in June 2012.  With her in the photo is retired Marine

Corp volunteer, Commandant Willie Little, Jr. 
As we grew in our experiences, so did Ronika.  She went on to be the Chief of Voluntary Services at the Memphis [Tennessee] Veteran’s Hospital.  Because of Ronika’s previous  link to us, she wanted the same experiences for local quilt groups in the Memphis area to be able to provide QOVs.  She came up with the idea to showcase four small representative QOV quilts on her display boards.  Our group was able to respond to her request and sent her four quilts in February.

We received this thank you from Ronika for our efforts and we hope that those in her area will be enticed to make QOVs for their area.

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