Saturday, March 29, 2014

Finally … Recognition

Today, March 29th, is Vietnam Veterans Day

A movement that was founded by a Veteran finally has been endorsed by both Houses of Congress with Bills having been introduced that will authorize the President to annually issue a proclamation to designate this date as a patriotic and national observance and encourage the public and communities to establish appropriate ceremonies and activities to Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans.

It was thought that a law enacted to establish a Vietnam Veterans Day would be an appropriate way to honor those members of the US Armed Forces who served in South Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war.

The Senate Bill (S. 409) specifically notes that “…the Vietnam War was an extremely divisive issue among the people of the United States and a conflict that caused a generation of veterans to wait too long for the United States public to acknowledge and honor the efforts and services of such veterans; …”

It was Vietnam Vets that were the driving force behind the respect now afforded to today’s returning veterans, therefore, we in turn will honor and respect the contributions of those veterans who served in Vietnam during war and peace.

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