Sunday, January 26, 2014

Recap of Jan 20th and Jan 23rd Meetings – Part 3

Since our two January Quilts of Valor meetings were so productive, your Webmaster has made an executive decision to break the recap of the meetings into three posts.  You can read Part 1 at this link and Part 2 at this link.

Here is Part 3:

During our Monday meeting, we did some serious sorting of our donated fabrics to ascertain their best use for our new quilt design for 2014.  In case you missed it, the pattern is named Waving Old Glory and it appeared in the book “The Best of Fons & Porter’s Patriotic Quilts”.  The designer is Toby Lischko. Here's another photo of the sample that Debbie made up:
We will be modifying this design to best fit our capabilities and volunteer piecers.  The center square will be smaller and the strips around the modified Log Cabin will be cut at 2 ½ inches instead of 2 to facilitate using a strip cutter.

One of our excellent longarmers, Virginia I., brought back this quilt with beautiful motifs included in the quilting:

The little Star detail is right in the center of the quilt!

And here’s just one more reason why this is a great QOV Group:
Lisa B gave us a mini-lesson and demonstration on how to make Magic Binding – a method of machine binding that looks fabulous and professional.  Here’s one she did during the meeting – see the wonderful faux piping using an accent color?

You can find instructions and a tutorial at this link, if you’d like to try this on your own.  Thank you so much, Lisa, for sharing this technique with us.

Here’s a few pics of the Group at work, once again a few are finishing up sewing and laying out tops from the old design and some beginning to cut and make blocks for the new design.  There’s already enough blocks available to make a complete top due to the serious sewing and cutting efforts of our newest members Cindy and Janice – sure glad to have you join us!

Check out these worker bees:
Sewing Rows for a Top

Sorting fabrics

Laying out a Top

Cutting strips

Making Blocks

Sewing binding

Cutting strips

Cutting strips

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