Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final Awards of 2013

It is only fitting that we close out the year with a post about the last Quilts of Valor our group awarded in 2013.  These were very special to the CT Quilters Group because we considered ourselves very fortunate to be able to recognize father and daughter Veterans at our meeting on Dec 20th.

You may be familiar with both names since they have appeared on this blog in the past.  That's because both individuals have contributed significantly to the success of the Quilts of Valor Foundation and the CT Quilters QOV Group in particular.
Barb (L) and Pat (R) with our "signature" 4th of July QOV
Barb L. is the owner of the Crafty Threads Quilt Shop in Tamps, FL, where the CT Quilters hold their monthly meetings.  Barb is an Air Force veteran, having served in multiple duty locations (including north of the Arctic Circle – a thoroughly chilling experience – pardon the pun!).

Barb jumped at the chance to register her shop as an Under Our Wings Quilt Shop –Local QOV Group Location.  She has continuously supported the group, not only with meeting space, but also with advice, donations, making award presentations and providing volunteer quilting services as well.  We were very pleased to recognize her continuing commitment to Veterans and give to her our tangible gift of comfort to thank her for her service to the Nation.
Ron's QOV uses the Warms Wishes pattern to convey our sentiments
Let us now we turn our eyes to Ron W., Barb’s father.  Ron is also an Air Force Veteran, having served around the world in a career that included avionics and electronics on virtually all types of aircraft.  His service memories included many postings at home and abroad.  He recalls various posts in southeast Asia and almost 2 years served in-country in Viet Nam.

But in addition to his military service we want to highlight that Ron is also a part of the longarm quilting community!  His volunteer quilting of Quilts of Valor continues to demonstrate his love and respect for his fellow brothers-in-arms and Veterans.  Without Ron’s contributions of his time and quilting expertise, we would not have been able to distribute as many Quilts of Valor to both active duty and retired Veterans here in our local community and in Germany and Hawaii.

We were especially proud and gratified to be able to award Ron with his very own Quilt of Valor.  We wanted to convey our thank you for his service under often difficult circumstances and during very trying times for our Country, and for his continuing commitment to Veterans.


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