Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quilt of Valor Awarded

All Quilts of Valor are special, but this particular quilt was special not only to the recipient, it was awarded by a very special friend of the recipient.  Linda Fentriss, a member of the CT Quilters QOV Group, was recently named as a FL Regional Coordinator by the Quilts of Valor Foundation.  She made and quilted this quilt for her friend and fellow veteran, Marc M.
Linda (L) and Marc (R) with the QOV
Here’s Marc’s story of her military service and travels to various duty assignments:

I was in one of the last units to go through Ft McClellan, AL as an all female WAC (Women’s Army Corps) unit before its flag was retired.  It struck me later that the school was founded on my birthday, but I am much younger, of course – LOL!

[Editorial:  The Women's Army Corps School was founded at Fort McClellan on September 25, 1952. Approximately two years later, official ceremonies were conducted to establish the post as the first permanent home of the U.S. Women's Army Corps Center. Fort McClellan remained its home until the Corps was disestablished and its flag retired in 1977. Participating in the final ceremony was Major General Mary E. Clarke, the last director of the Women's Army Corps and destined to later become the Commanding General of Fort McClellan, the first female officer ever to command a major Army installation.]

My first duty assignment was at Ft Huachuca, AZ.   Ft Huachuca was a well kept secret back then.  It was a small, beautiful post at the bottom of the Huachuca Mountains.  I killed trees during this duty assignment as a clerk for the Intelligence Center.

One year later, I received orders to Germany.  I left beautiful Ft Huachuca kicking and screaming, but then spent 11 years working in Heidelberg, again at an Intelligence Center.  I grew inordinately fond of Heidelberg and on receiving orders to leave to return to the USA, I was again kicking and screaming.  I was stationed in Ft Hamilton, NY with the 315th Medical Bn.  Later I was sent to St Louis to work in the US Army Personnel Center.

My “dream sheet” requested Alaska as my final duty assignment so, of course, the Army sent me to Miami, FL.  I reported to the 324th Combat Support Hospital one month before Hurricane Andrew took the roof off the house I was living in and the roof off of our brand new center that had yet to be dedicated.   Two years later, I retired from the Service.

Linda was very pleased to award a Quilt of Valor to her friend, Marc. 

And Marc, we send a sincere “Thank You” to you
 for your service to our Country!

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