Sunday, October 20, 2013

Recap of 10-18-13 Meeting

What a great Quilts of Valor meeting!  We have now stuffed our basket with kits – ready for our volunteers to take home and sew.  And we have more kits waiting in the wings – we were just s-o-o-o very productive this meeting!
Loretta assembling kits - Irene hand sewing - basket stuffed!

Sharon cutting for kits

lots of extra kits ...
And we now have 9; no, make that 10; no, make that 11 quilts ready [well, they were rolling in fast and it was hard to keep track!] – all bound and with labels, ready to go to the VA Hospital with the next delivery … and more to come back in soon.

Here’s some photos:

Debbie's Flags

Debbie and her Strippie

Kathy and the Group's Many Trips Around the World

Diana and her Flags
And we had a fun demo from Debbie of a new technique and how to use those scraps!  I can see you nodding your heads – those scraps just tend to multiply (maybe while we’re sleeping??). 

Debbie showed us how to use Scrap Happy fusible grids for 2-inch scraps:

Sew on the grid lines provided:

Cut them in half and add a larger block:

And Voila!  You have easy already-sashed blocks to sew together. 
This is a Joan Ford technique and there are many variations of the grids and patterns (patterns sold separately or in her books).  Try it … we loved it!

We also had a very special sneak preview of a quilt that is going cruising, but that will have its own blog post in the near future … stay tuned!

Our Next Meeting Will Be:    Friday, Nov 15th

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