Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Recap of 05/17/13 Meeting

We had the most delightful time at our most recent Quilts of Valor meeting.  We were able to welcome two new members, Irene and Loretta, and each had a special story to tell:

            Irene:  I was invited to attend the group’s meeting by Sharon [a CT Quilter] and I was eager to join because I have a very special grandson coming home from Afghanistan soon. Robert is a paratrooper and has been serving a 14 month rotation.
We, here at the CT Quilters, are so glad to have your and we're all excited for your Robert to come home, too, Irene!

            Loretta:  “ My son, Doug, while a medic in Afghanistan, was wounded in a helicopter crash in 2012.  Doug received a Quilt of Valor and thought it was so wonderful and comforting that he asked me to make one to give back to the QOV Foundation in appreciation.

Loretta went on to tell us that she and her three sisters (all quilters!) EACH made a quilt to donate to the QOV Foundation!  She also advised that Doug continues to do well with his recovery from injuries.  We of the CT Quilters are so glad to have you join our group,  Loretta, and we will be calling those sisters, too!  Just kidding … almost …

We had some more fabric and pillowcase donations to keep our well-oiled assembly line of quilts going.  Thank you to our generous contributors!
Bolt after Bolt from Dee and David F
and Maria and Michael M!

And our industrious home busy bees kept up the good work on our behalf this past month.  We had two quilts totally finished come back in:

And we had three tops come back, assembled with borders, in our “go to” pattern, The Fourth of July by Bonnie Hunter:

And we had one other quilt pattern and one Mystery Quilt top finished.

Gettysburg Mystery Quilt
The mystery was a design called Gettysburg by Nancy L. Miller - offered free on the yahoo group site called Mystery Quilts 4 Military if you join their on-line group.

This meeting the ladies made kits, hand sewed on labels, squared up quilts, sewed on bindings, cut blocks, cut backings, sewed blocks, sewed quilt rows and ironed (whew! – that was a little something of everything):

Our special thank you this month goes to Pat, for bring in those darling patriotic mini-cupcakes!

Next month, in addition to our regular activities, we will have
 another special demonstration featuring the Jelly Roll !! 

Mark your calendars now to plan to attend:
June’s meeting will be
Friday, June 21st, from 10 – 2:00

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