Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awarding Quilts of Valor

The mission of the Air Force Port Mortuary Affairs Operations is to provide dignity, honor and respect for the fallen and to provide care, service and support for their families.  We thank each and every one of these dedicated personnel of the Port Mortuary that render such honor to those who have defended our Country.
Recently, the Quilts of Valor Regional Coordinators for Region 9, Lenny T. and Laurel B., and their bi-monthly sew-a-block-day group were showcased in a video that appeared on the Pentagon Channel and on the website of the United States Air Force Port Mortuary Affairs Operations.

QOVF founder Catherine Roberts began the practice of awarding a QOV to Port Mortuary workers upon completion of their mortuary rotation and the Region 9 coordinators and their groups support that endeavor.  To quote Laurel B.:
            “Most but not all Port Mortuary workers have been deployed and have stood in harms way.  But each has earned their QOV by providing the final honor for their fellow service members.  Their care and devotion in this final act is demanding , exacting, and as stressful as being in harms way.  We have seen first hand the reactions of workers as they are notified of the pending arrival of the fallen and we have also heard from them how much the QOV means. It is our privilege to be able to honor each and every member of the Port Mortuary.”

Here is a link to the video as it appeared on the Pentagon Channel.

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