Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quilt of Valor Delivered Today

I went with another lady to deliver one of the CT Quilter’s Quilts of Valor today and met a most interesting man named Mike.  He had been a Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine as they say) and served in Vietnam.  Today he is retired and helps with feral cat rescue and raises amazing orchids.  What a green thumb!  He must have had at least ten varieties of orchids hanging from various trees in his front yard alone.  He had a small water feature and it was perfect weather today to sit out on a little patio and enjoy our conversation.
Kathy (L), Mike and Sylvia (R)
He was pretty modest about talking about himself (as are many veterans) but he told me a little about his work since he left the Marines and we swapped the usual tales about health (some of us are getting to be of that certain age, you know!) and the economy, etc.  Then he shared a story of his friend that had nominated him for a Quilt of Valor.  His friend had been wounded and blinded at Iwo Jima and had gone on to start and manage a flourishing wholesale florist business in California earning a small fortune.  Our Veterans can sure be rugged individuals – they just keep on truckin’!  His friend has also received a Quilt of Valor.

Check out the critter in Mike's tree at the left!!
We told Mike a little bit about our group and the pleasure we took in making  Quilts of Valor.  We talked about the Haley VA Center in Tampa (Mike had been there), and our group’s contributions to the Poly-Trauma Unit.   We definitely thanked Mike for his service, and tried to get across that he was to USE his quilt (he was going to keep it clean in its pillowcase …).  His wife couldn’t be there today due to her work shift, but I hope she gets it out tonight and they both sit on the couch and cover their feet with the quilt … I’m betting their dachshund will want to share, too!

Several of Mike’s orchids and one of his kitties:
Isn't this gorgeous?!

And Mike thinks his Green Thumb is not unusual!!

OK - this one thinks he's a tiny Black Panther
PS  Sylvia is the mother of a QOV Regional Coordinator from South Carolina.  Sylvia lives in Florida and arranged the meeting with Mike.  Thank you, Sylvia, for taking me with you.  I really enjoyed meeting Mike - what a pleasure.


  1. Viewers of our Blog, Kathy is one of devoted volunteers, who keeps me on track in coordinating the activities of the group. She does a fantastic job with our blog and I was proud of her as she presented one of our quilts in coordinations with Sylvia.

    We look forward to making more quilts in 2013. Please join us and as always if you can'tmake it to volunteer we will gladly take donations of red, white and blue fabrics and cotton batting. Our quilts usually measure 60-65inches by 72-75 inches. So we like to use twin size batting and need 4 yard pieces for the backing.

    We also invite you to Crafty Threads to pick up a block kit to work on.

    Pat - CT Quilter

  2. That is a beautiful presentation. Thank you for doing this!