Saturday, September 15, 2012

Recap of 9/14/12 Meeting from Pat

First of all, thank you to all who came to our meeting at The Crafty Threads Quilt Shop.  It was a lot of fun and we numbered 16 this time.  We announced that the Volunteer Services from the James A. Haley VA Hospital will be holding its Fall Fundraiser on Thursday, Oct 11th, so plan to attend that very worthwhile event.  See this blog post for more information.

We welcomed two very special guests today.  They were Sharon's mother, Barbara, and her mother's best friend, Gloria.  Gloria is a veteran of the Korean War, having served as a surgical nurse.  We also heard that Sharon's uncle is MIA from the same conflict.  They were very willing to help with Quilts of Valor and we put them to work assembling our quilt block kits that can be checked out to be sewn at home at your convenience.
On the right, Barbara (in front) and Gloria
waiting for the cutters to supply more blocks!
[with Dawn sewing borders on the left]
We accomplished a lot today:
ü        Two quilt tops to quilt
ü        Many pillowcase presentation packages made
ü        Block kits put together
ü        Four quilt backings done
ü        One country quilt ready
ü        One top taken home for homework
 Also, a big “thank you” to Debbie for the generous donations of fabric and the beautiful quilt, fully quilted!

We sorted thru all the donated fabrics and Kathy has them in order for next month – keep those donations coming – we are putting them all to good use!

Speaking of next month we will:
§          Complete two other layouts of blocks (hopefully even getting the borders done)
§          Continue cutting fabric for kits
§          Sew miles of bindings
§          Country quilt number 2 (yes, there is one!)
§          We may even be sewing some pinwheel blocks from the triangles that Kathy has been working with.
Thank you all for your volunteer hours, they are much appreciated.  I know that Barb, as the “Under Our Wings” regional location for QOV, had smiles in her eyes seeing all of us and the work we accomplish.  Our next meeting is Friday, Oct 12th.  Mark those calendars now!

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