Friday, August 24, 2012

Proudly Featuring Our Quilters …

We’ve posted lots of pictures of our quilts in progress and our finished quilts, but now we’d like to highlight the remarkable contributions of the people who have ultimately made this possible - namely our machine quilters.  It has been said that “Quilting makes the Quilt”, and we can truthfully say that our quilts go out with every stitch speaking a special “thank you for your service” to the military personnel that receive them.

We have four quilters that have made our quilts very special:
Barb, Pat, Diane and Jan

We all owe a debt of gratitude to these ladies for the thought and care that goes into the designs that are quilted on these Quilts of Valor, and also for their time and commitment to ensuring quality heirloom quilts.  Oh, and we don’t want to forget to mention that Barb’s Dad is special to us also in that he tends the computer-aided process on occasion for Barb - ever vigilant for that annoying empty bobbin …. 

And, here’s a sampling of their products:
Barb from Crafty Threads Custom Embroidery and Longarm Quilting

Closeup of design being quilted by Barb in the photo above

Closeup of quilting design

Pat holding a quilted quilt waiting to be bound

Jan's Quilting

Closeup of Jan's quilting (on a home machine, not a longarm!)

Another item quilted - binding to be sewn down
 The CT Quilters Group thanks all
of our quilters so very much!

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