Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where Do the Quilting Supplies Come From?

The CT Quilters Group originally solicited donations of red, white and blue fabrics to begin its projects in 2011, and continues to willingly receive such donations.  The Group was very fortunate to receive a sizable grant in 2012 to purchase materials to support the construction of more Quilts of Valor.  The grant allowed the Group to purchase 70+ yards of fabric, needles and batting.  We have sent a special detailed report to this service organization not only to express our appreciation but also to explain exactly how their funds were used and who were (or will be) the recipients of their generosity.  We also sent our special thanks to one of our most active QOV volunteers, Maria, who facilitated the application for the grant.  Maria is a member of the service organization and was in constant contact with that group to ensure that they knew their funds were being used wisely.

4-patch made by a service club member from kit

ironing donated backing fabric

sewing pillowcases from donated fabric

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